Trujillo Family Pictures  
  posted 1/3/2002
Trujillo Family

Well we had a good Christmas and a Happy New Year! We really missed Mom coming from Las Vegas to visit though!!! The next couple of pages are dedicated to the holiday break that we all got to spend together. (Page 9 0f 12) (Click back 8 more pages to see all the new holiday pics.)

Rod was on a mission.
Wrong side sweetie.. We can't see what you got.
Yes, Harry Potter.... Good times.
He looks so calm. Trust me, looks can be deceiving.
Look how excited lex looks here.
Marty scored big with computer games.
Will you open this for me?
Aw... It is a kitty! Thanks Rod.
Bob the Builder, can he fix it? Yes he can!
Doesn't Marty look excited?!